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Reproductive Health Among Adolescent Girls Health And Social Care Essay

Reappraisal of literature is a systemic hunt of a published work to derive information about a research subject ( Polit and Hungler, 2011 ) . Conducting a reappraisal of literature is disputing and an informative experience. The reappraisal of literature was based on extended study of books, diaries, and international nursing indicates. A reappraisal of literature relevant to the survey was under taken which helped the research worker to develop deep into the job and addition information on what has been in the yesteryear. An extended reappraisal of literature was done by the research worker to put a wide foundation for the survey. For the intent of logical sequence the chapter was divided in two parts. 2.1 Part I: Reviews related to generative wellness among adolescent misss. 2.2 PART II: Reviews related to effectivity of stripling to adolescent attack on generative wellness.2.1 Part I: Reviews related to generative wellness among adolescent misss.Mc Call-hosenfeld JS et al. , ( 2012 ) conducted an experimental survey in Pennsylvania ; they investigated the impact of single on adult females ‘s are reception of a comprehensive panel of preventative services in a part that includes both urban and rural communities. Outcome variables were a showing and inoculation index blood force per unit area, lipid panel, sexually familial infections or single degree variables includes predisposing factors, enabling and need – based steps. The research worker found that overall usage of preventative services, were low single variableness in adult females ‘s reception of guidance services is mostly explained by psychological factors and seeing an gynaecologist..Fengy et al. , ( 2012 ) conducted a cross sectional study of 17,016 adolescent misss and imma ture aged 15-24 year old in both rural and urban Asiatic citations, China, through interview and computing machine assisted self interview for sensitive inquiries. To place the forecasters perceptual experience of homosexualism. The 40 % of stripling and immature grownups who hold a positive position of homosexualism for both males and females. Preferred beginning of films, pictures, self identified sexual orientation, sexual and generative wellness cognition, household values, gender function and attitude towards prenuptial sex. The most common and of import forecasters for a respondent ‘s perceptual experience of homosexualism were his/her cognition of sexual and generative wellness. Shelia G et al. , ( 2012 ) conducted a experimental survey sing characteristics of physical and sexual development of generative behaviour among adolescent misss at Russia. In this appraisal the adolescent generative behaviour designation and the factors impacting was made in female striplings age 14-19yr [ randomly formed via uninterrupted choice ] information of the province of their wellness their attitudes towards kid bearing and their hazardous wonts have been evaluated. High frequence of catamenial abnormalities, 24.7 % delayed formation of the bone pelvic girdle, 25.2 % the prevalence of chronic external genital diseases were found. Iliyasuz et al. , ( 2012 ) conducted a qualitative survey sing sexual and generative wellness communicating between female parents and their stripling girls in North India Assam. The research worker employed structured interviews and groups to look into generative wellness communicating patterns among 108 female parents and girls transcript were analyzed utilizing the grounded theory attack.A sum of 136 female parent reported discoursing generative issues with their girls. The bulk of girls get generative wellness instruction from their female parents ; parents were more likely to discourse matrimony, menses, prenuptial sex, STI infections and sex instruction demand to be empowered with cognition and accomplishments to better the range and quality of place -based generative wellness instruction. Palke VD et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey sing impact of sex instruction on cognition and attitude of adolescent school kids in Bihar. Reproductive capableness is now in earlier age, but the topic of adolescent gender in most societies, there is a broad spread ignorance about hazards are unprotected sex jobs among adolescent misss. Unfortunately demand of sex instruction is non perceived and fulfilled in India particularly in rural countries. The present survey was conducted to measure the demand and show the impact of sex instruction among adolescent school kids, by analysing pre and station intercession questionnaire and there was a important addition in cognition about gender, catamenial hygiene. Sexually familial disease, it has important impact on cognition of adolescent school kids. Ezekwere et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey sing sex instruction, sex information, sex patterns, among adolescent misss in Nigeria. A entire 304 misss selected by multi-stage sampling technique studied primary and subsequent beginnings of gender information, chiefly the by the media, equals, households and schools, found that largely they were non involved in proviso of early sexual induction and un protected sex was common among them. The survey highlights the demand to make a consciousness at earlier phase of adolescent period sexual instruction of adolescent misss through parents and instructors had to be initiated. Wong LP et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a big cross sectional survey sing attitude towards dysmenorrheal impact and intervention seeking, among 1,295 adolescent misss ( 13-19 year ) from 16 public secondary schools in rural territories of Malaysia. Dysmenorrhea was reported in 76.0 % of the participants multivariate analysis shows that being in upper secondary degrees was the strongest forecaster for hapless concentration, absenteeism and hapless school class due to dysmenorrheal is a normal rhythm and merely 14.8 % sought medical intervention, instruction should be extended to parents and school equal leaders to turn to the generative wellness demands of striplings. Lazarus JV et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a quasi experimental survey sing generative wellness consciousness programme to measure the cognition, attitude and behaviour. Generative wellness informations was collected from the pupils aged ( 11 – 16 year ) by utilizing a image and group treatment. In entire 313 questionnaire has distributed, and the mean mark in the pretest cognition was 5.9 and 6.8 in station trial mark was p ( 0.003 ) , which increased significantly t=4.5, p=0.000. The attitude average mark in pre trial was 4.3 in station trial was 6.8 which shows the increased important. The average behaviour pretest mark which showed a important P =0.019. Hence the intercession significantly improved the adolescent generative wellness cognition & A ; attitude. BiscoFreudenthal J et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey sing making community consciousness of generative piece of land infections including STD infections. The purpose of this survey was therefore to research people perception intervention seeking behaviour and apprehension of information about RTI/STD. Qualitative contact analysis was employed for the information analysis. The major findings was that the most common intervention seeking behaviour was taking self medicine. Shyness of venereal scrutiny, negative attitudes towards dirty diseases. The chief media beginnings of RTI/STI information were wireless, Television and other entree to wellness information was more hard. Health instruction messages should be more accessible in rural countries. Van Rossem et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted the study to measure the range and impact of societal selling and generative wellness communicating runs ( selected wireless and telecasting plans ) sing household planning and HIV/AIDS in Zambia. The consequences evidenced that the generative wellness and societal selling Campaigns in Zambia reached a big part of the population and had a important impact. The consequences suggested that future generative wellness communicating runs that invest in wireless scheduling may be more effectual than those puting in telecasting scheduling and future runs should seek to increase their impact among adult females. Portillo et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a cross sectional survey sing sexual and generative wellness among adolescent misss at High school in Spanish. The survey focused to find the extent of information about forestalling sexually transmitted diseases, cognition and usage of prophylactic methods. It includes 641 pupils who agreed to finish the questionnaire by school. 84.5 % pupils know at least one preventive method 84 % , It is necessary to set up or beef up information programme on sexual wellness for stripling. Fehr KR et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey to measure the cognition and usage of Folic acid in adult females of generative age Folic acid reduces the hazard of nervous tubing defects 50 % , adult females of generative age group should be cognizant of the importance of the folic acid and nervous tubing defects. They used footings such as Folic acid cognition and Folic acid awareness to seek articles published, adult females were although cognition degrees were associated with instruction and wellness attention professional ‘s magazines and intelligence documents, wireless, Television, as common beginnings of information, and this cognition will let them to do informed determinations about Folic acid among adult females. Mc Call JS et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey sing preventative guidance among generative aged adult females. Preventive wellness intercession frequently occur less often among rural adult females compared to urban is an of import characteristic of comprehensive preventative wellness attention commissariats.Data were collected by telephone study during 2004-2005 participants aged 18-45 year in the cardinal Pennsylvanias. The survey assessed the independent part of reding for smoke, intoxicant, drug usage, birth control, nutrition, physical activity. Most adult females do non have recommended preventative guidance, while rural adult females are less likely than urban adult females to have reding educating rural wellness attention suppliers about the demand for preventative guidance. Jousha et al. , ( 2011 ) narrated on rubber dialogue and experience among sexually active immature adult females in New south Waless, Austraila by utilizing feminist narrative attack. Ten adult females ‘s narratives were collected via on-line interviews. The findings revealed that none of the adult females initiated or negotiated usage of the male rubber publicity relies on the r4coginition of the gender factors that impede immature adult females ‘s rubber dialogue and usage. Schemes that overcome gender kineticss and empower adult females to negociate rubber usage have the ability to advance rubber usage among this group. Lawan et al. , ( 2010 ) conducted a survey sing menses and catamenial hygiene among adolescent misss in Gujarat.This survey examined the cognition and patterns of adolescent school in around menses and catamenial hygiene.Data was collected quantitatively and analyzed utilizing pre experimental survey, the survey findings showed that bulk had just cognition of menses, although deficient in specific cognition countries, most of them used healthful tablets as absorbent during their last menstruations, changed catamenial dressings about 1-5 times per twenty-four hours and bettering entree of the stripling to reproductive wellness demands. Sivagami, et al. , ( 2010 ) conducted a qualitative survey on community perceptual experience and intervention seeking behavior sing generative piece of land infections including sexually transmitted infections in Lao by utilizing 14 focal point group treatment and 20 in depth interviews. It held among 76 adult females and 56 work forces. The major determination was that both male and female participants had a assortment of misconceptions about the causes and symptoms of RTI/STIs and their remedy and a reluctance to seek wellness attention. The chief grounds for non traveling to wellness installations were fright of societal favoritism or shyness. They suggested beef uping wellness instruction and publicity through intercessions at the community degree to better the quality of RTI/STI direction. Minto et al. , ( 2010 ) reviewed the efficaciousness of HIV/STI behavioural intercession and identified factors associated with intercession efficaciousness for American African females in the United provinces by utilizing meta- analysis from 37 relevant surveies. The consequences showed that behavioural intercession had a important impact on decrease in HIV/STI hazard sex behavioral. They concluded as behavioural intercessions were efficacious in forestalling HIV and STIs among African American females. They suggested that carry oning more research to analyze the possible part of bar schemes that attend to community degree and to better communicating between RTI/STI patients and clinicians. Thakor HG et al. , ( 2010 ) conducted a STIs prevalence survey on cognition and patterns related to STIs and HIV among 125 sex workers in an urban country of Gujarat, India. 85-90 % were cognizant about assorted symptoms / diseases transmitted by insecure sexual pattern in male and female. 23.4 % took intervention from wellness worker for such jobs ; 87.9 % were cognizant that consistent usage of rubber could protect them from HIV infections and 2.6 % reported for non intervention of STD.58 % were non cognizant about behavoural alterations needed to cut down the hazard.2.2 PART II: Review related to effectivity of stripling to adolescent attack on generative wellness.Denison JA et al. , ( 2012 ) conducted a quasi experimental survey on equal instruction make a difference an rating of HIV bar in youth-led theoretical account trained voluntaries equal pedagogues age ( 18-25 year ) in school, to learn HIV bar and Reproductive wellness. This rating programme effects on pupils HIV cogniti on, attitude and behaviours of adolescent misss by utilizing a non randomized quasi experimental design among 2133 pupils had significantly higher degrees of cognition sing HIV P & lt ; 0.001 and Reproductive wellness P & lt ; .001 more positive attitude towards the Reproductive wellness and HIV.The young person led or peer pedagogue theoretical account is associated with increased HIV and Reproductive wellness cognition and ego 0kanlawon FA et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey to measure the effectivity of equal instruction in a secondary school sing generative wellness among adolescent misss in Karnataka. The survey employed pre and station trial intercession quasi experimental design, The experimental group was the adolescence misss to give equal instruction programme for 6 months pre and station trial informations in the experimental and control groups were compared and analyzed. The cognition of generative wellness issues was p & lt ; 0.5. Hence the intercession significantly improved the adolescent generative wellness cognition efficaciousness and sexual hazard taking behaviours. Drummond P et al. , ( 2011 ) conducted a survey by utilizing peer instruction to increase the sexual wellness cognition among West African refugees in Western Australia. Ten bilingual west African equal pedagogues conducted a 3 hours workshop on sexual wellness for little groups of western African refugees ( n = 58 ) who late settled in Perth, western Australia.There were important additions in the participants knowledge on sexually transmitted infections and HIV, their spread and the steps to protect against infection. They Concluded that the equal instruction attack was successful in helping new and emerging community to work efficaciously on sexual wellness subjects by and large considered as ‘taboos ‘ or excessively sensitive to discourse. Stephenson. J et al. , ( 2010 ) assessed the effectivity of school-based peer-led sex instruction among 9,000 students aged 13-14 old ages at England. Schools were randomized to either peer-led sex instruction ( intercession ) or to go on their usual teacher-led sex instruction ( control ) . Peer pedagogues, aged 16-17 old ages, were trained to present three 1-hour schoolroom Sessionss of sex instruction to 13- to 14 old ages old students from the same schools. The survey findings concluded that compared with conventional school sex instruction at age 13-14 old ages, this signifier of peer-led sex instruction was really effectual associated with alteration in teenage STDs, it merits consideration within broader teenage STDs bar schemes.

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Greek Goddess And Greek Women - 874 Words

This review attempts to analyze the Greek goddess Athena as well as Greek women whose function in society contrasts with the roles of a goddess. This topic is of relevance to feminist’s who are smashing down barriers on stereotypes of women, this study attempts to shed some light to recognize the roles of Athena and Greek women. Past research has analyzed the differences between Greek women and Athena on how they contrast with responsibilities. What is often ignored is the complexity of both individuals whose world is distinctive in a manner of the environment and upbringing both parties had experienced. Of particular focus in this essay are the issues of which, Greek women endure throughout their daily lives in contrast with the Greek goddess Athena, such as the different social classes between goddesses and mortals, like Athena, Greek women were not looked upon as godly, but as slaves or property to men. To extend my knowledge of this focus I make references to books by Bar ry B. Powell on Classical Myth (2015), Homers The Essential Odyssey (2007), and Stephen M. Trzaskoma’s Anthology of Classical Myth (2004) which encompass a wide range of of primary and secondary sources. Additionally, I use works of the internet, specifically from Google Scholarly, Jstor and Uoft’s scholarly database to excerpt information about the impact of feminism in Greek literature, for instance, Marilyn Katz: Ideology and The Status of Women in Ancient Greece (1992), Sue Bundell: Women inShow MoreRelatedAncient Greece : A Civilization896 Words   |  4 PagesAncient Greece was a civilization that began during the archaic period of the 8th to 6th centuries B.C. The Greeks were polytheistic in religion, worshipping the 12 Olympian gods and goddess. Zeus (Jupiter) was the chief god in charge, followed by his brother Poseidon (Neptune), and Hades (Pluto). Neptune and Pluto were then followed by Hestia (Vesta), Hera (Juno) who was both Jupiter’s sister and wife, Ares (Mars) who was the son of Jupiter and Juno, Athena (Minerva), Apollo, Aphrodite (Venus),Read MoreGreek Mythology And The Mythology1154 Words   |  5 Pagesthemes and lessons of Greek mythology have sha ped art and literature for thousands of years. Later Greek writers and artists used and elaborated upon these sources in their own work. Did you know that in ancient Greece, stories about gods and goddesses and heroes and monsters were an important part of everyday life. They explained everything from rituals to the weather, and they gave meaning to the world people saw around them. Many consumer products get their names from Greek mythology. For exampleRead MoreWomen Of Ancient Greek Mythology Essay1535 Words   |  7 Pagesthroughout history. Women were commonly regarded as the subservient gender, an idea that was no different in Ancient Greece. Throughout Greek mythology, women were considered inferior and troublesome symbols, while men were known for courage, leadership, and strength. While there is no argument of the flagrant sexism that is illustrated in Greek mythology, it can also be claimed that women were given a situated position of freedom, necessity, and power as well. Many popular Greek plays and myths containRead More Greek Goddesses Essay1145 Words   |  5 Pages The Greek Goddesses In Greek mythology the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus played a major role in everyday life. The Greeks respected them and thought of the gods as all mighty. In Ancient Greece the people honored and believe in the deities. Myths, poems, and epics tell the stories and beliefs referring to the gods and goddesses. Many literary works display the power and jobs of the goddesses. The Greek people lived to please the deities in hope of gaining a better lifestyle. TheRead MoreGreek and Roman Gods 1375 Words   |  6 Pagesare connected and explain another myth, (Stapleton 42). According to the article â€Å"Roman Gods†, the twelve greatest gods and goddess of Rome were parallel to the twelve Olympian gods in Greek Mythology. Many of the Roman gods were believed to have been involved in founding Rome (â€Å"Roman gods†). The Greek god, Zeus was King and father of all the gods and the sky (â€Å"Principal Greek and Roman Gods†). Zeus was brothers to Poseidon and Hades whose parents were Cronus and Rhea. Zeus was also the protectorRead MoreAthenas Impact on the Lives of Ancient Greeks Essay1027 Words   |  5 PagesAthena was the Greek Goddess of many ideas, but she was famous mostly for her superior wisdom, her cunning skills in times of war, and her implausible talent for household tasks, such as weaving and pottery. She was celebrated more than any other God in ancient mythology, was the supposed inventor of countless innovations, and her figure gave reason for Greek woman to gain rights long before others of their time. The goddess of war, the guardian of Athens, and the defender of Heroes; Athena’s impactRead MoreGreek and Roman Mythological Figures1641 Words   |  7 PagesFree Essays G-L Free Essays M-Q Free Essays R-Z Essay Topics Plagiarism Donate a Paper View Cart / Checkout Greek and Roman Mythology Rate This Paper: 1 2 3 4 5 Ø ¥Ã˜ ±Ã˜ ³Ã˜ §Ã™â€ž Length: 2303 words (6.6 double-spaced pages) Rating: Red (FREE) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Missing Works Cited The ancient Greek and ancient Roman religion was the belief in gods. They had similar beliefs, but also immeasurable differences. It wasRead MoreAncient Greek And Roman Religion Essay1060 Words   |  5 PagesThe ancient Greek and Roman religion was the belief in God. They had similar views, but also some differences. It composed of many meaningful Gods and Goddesses that played the part in the everyday life of the average Roman and the Greek citizen. Before going into their beliefs and many strange legends, we must consider what kind of beings these divinities were. From history, there’s the first dynasty that consisted of the origin of the world, Uranus and Ge. The ancient Greeks had several theoriesRead MoreDivine intervention dealing with Greek myths, especially The Odyssey and The Iliad.1474 Words   |  6 Pagesintervention is a feature of ancient Greek literature. One is amazed and even dumbfounded by the magical myths so frequently referred to. In Greek literature, the gods play an immense role in the lives and fates of the mortal dwellers of the earth. As one examines the gods throughout the myths and epic poems of the Greeks, one recieves a strong impression that the gods play with and manipulate mortals and each other. One goddess who exemplifies this is the great goddess Athena. This daughter of Zeus impactedRead MoreGreek Material Culture1348 Words   |  6 PagesIt is easy to say, and prove, that Greek material culture reveals an immense amount about ancient Greek society. From vast studies and examinations of the great anc ient Greek architecture, the immaculate fine art and literature and even the personal possessions and crafts of the societies own inhabitants, one can reason that these materials reflect much about ancient Greece and its people. From studying the architecture of this ancient society, one can assume various things about its inhabitants

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Are Video Games And Blame - 941 Words

Are Video Games to Blame? Video games have become a very popular everyday activity in today’s society. Video gaming is a booming business taking in more money than movies and DVDs. From young children, to teens, to adults, everyone is playing video games. I see the effectiveness of video games first hand. Three out of the five members of my family spend more time playing games than an average teen or adult should, and here is where I began to see the issue. My little brother is 7 years old and has been playing 17 and older games since the age of 2. He does seem to act out some, but that just means his case is not as severe as others. In discussions of video game violence, a controversial issue is whether or not video game violence causes behavioral problems in children. While some argue that as gaming actually makes people less violent, by acting as a safety valve, others contend that children exposed to violence are more likely to assume that acts of violence are acceptable b ehavior. Video games have become very advanced and realistic. While some games have educational content, many of the most common games stress negative subjects and stimulate: the killing of people or animals, the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, criminal behavior, disrespect for authority and the law, sexual exploitation, racial, sexual, and gender stereotypes, and foul language and obscene gestures. Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, increases in bullying, and violenceShow MoreRelatedViolent Video Games Are Partically to Blame768 Words   |  3 Pagesand congressman are frantecly looking for someone or something to blame. Politicians and its voters don’t always seem to agree on much but both managed to agree that violent video games are at least partially to blame. However this is not the Salem witch trails, we need proof before we as a nation take any drastic action. So, is there any scientific proof that exhibits a link between acts of violence and playing violent video games? In this essay we will analyze arguments and research of people againstRead MoreShould We Blame Video Games For Violence1295 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Should We Blame Video Games for Violence† Video games; a pastime for many people across the world, a form of entertainment, and, of course, a way to destress yourself from the outside world. Video games have been around since October 18, 1958 and have been evolving rapidly through the years. â€Å" More than fifty years ago, before either arcades or home video games, visitors waited in line at Brookhaven National Laboratory to play â€Å"Tennis for Two,† an electronic tennis game that is unquestionably aRead MoreBlame Games: Does Violence in Video Games Influence Players to Commit Mass Shootings?2025 Words   |  9 PagesDoes the famous video game Pac Man influence its players to abuse the use of prescription pills? It may sound ridiculous, but that is how news media specializes in the alteration of false information. By arriving at conclusions without providing accurate research and facts to back it up, news media blames extreme video games for causing violence in our society. They ignore factors such as populati on, mental health, and home life as they quickly jump to conclusions that violence portrayed throughRead MoreVideo Games and Their Role in Violence and Bullying Essay1374 Words   |  6 Pagesmature video games that the children play on their media device. However, many people say that there are other reasons that children show aggressive behavior and why they become bullies to other children. I believe that there are other reasons than video games that cause a child to become disobedient and unruly. There are many studies that show that video games are not the reason behind the youth’s behavior but other factors in their lives. Although the studies show that it is not video games to blameRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effect On Children1101 Words   |  5 PagesEver since the Columbine Massacre occurred, people seemed to concern themselves with the violent nature of video games. So many people argue that because video games played a part in the lives of the two teenagers wh o planned and executed the event, video games are to be blamed as their motive. Although video games have often glamorize graphic violence, people should not cast blame upon them for an increase in violent behavior in those who play them (especially teens) because those who make theseRead More Violence in the Media is Not to Blame for the Effect on Children1158 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Media on Children Television, movies, and video games are a big part of children’s lives in today’s technologically advanced society. However, there is a big controversy questioning the effects of these media outlets on children. Much of society claims to have proof for the belief that media violence affects children negatively. However, I am skeptical of the evidence that is stated to prove that claim. I feel that society has placed the blame on these mediums for the violent acts, however seriousRead MoreThe Effect of Violence in the Media on Children Essay1150 Words   |  5 PagesTelevision, movies, and video games are a big part of childrens lives in todays technologically advanced society. However, there is a big controversy questioning the effects of these media outlets on children. Much of society claims to have proof for the belief that media violence affects children negatively. However, I am skeptical of the evidence that is stated to prove that claim. I feel that society has placed the blame on these mediums for the violent acts, however serious or trivial,Read MoreThe Is Not A Serial Killer1326 Words   |  6 PagesThree of the most prominent words or actions used to describe video games. Arum Steinbeck wakes up, goes to school, comes home and plays video games. His face glued to the television, he is exposed to gruesome acts of violence. Nonetheless, Arum Steinbeck is not a serial killer. How is this possible? Adolescents who play video games are killers. Dead wrong. 90% of children in the US play video games and 90% of those children play games that involved mature content. Yet, it is possible that not oneRead MoreViolence in Television, Movies, and Video Games Should Not Be Censored1653 Words   |  7 PagesTELEVISION, MOVIES, AND VIDEO GAMES SHOULD NOT BE CENSORED Television, movies, and video games have a great influence on the minds of todays youth. But, what exactly are the effects of such an influence? Certain people have exaggerated the effects that these media have on todays youth. Many people, including government officials, have singled out these three media sources as the cause of some types of violence simply because it is an easy target for laying the blame. The truth is that televisionRead MoreVideo Games and Violence Speech884 Words   |  4 PagesB.Z. Smith AP Lang 1 Feb. 2013 Videogames and Violence In today’s society, the vast majority of adolescents spend their free time indoors. Many of those hours are enjoyed playing video games, a habit which teenagers will never hear the end of from their parents. â€Å"These games will ruin you†, they say, â€Å"It makes you angry and violent†, they say, but does it really? Media often portrays videogames as detrimental to mental health, and this topic is especially scrutinized today because of the

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How Customer Reviews Enhance Credibility - 853 Words

How customer reviews enhance credibility Let’s turn the attention to looking more specifically, how customer reviews can boost credibility. This section together with the tips in the following section will help you make the most of public reviews. Customers value transparency they trust each other Studies have repeatedly shown how customers value transparency. Since an increasing amount of shopping now happens online, customers have a limited ability to check the product or service prior to the buying decision. The ability to read real life experiences of the product will naturally provide the consumer a ‘second-hand’ experience and give valuable insight into the product. As we mentioned above, above 60% of consumers prefer websites, which have customer reviews. Reviews aren’t only important in the retail business either. In a TripAdvisor study, over half of the respondents said they wouldn’t book a stay in a hotel with no reviews. Websites that don’t show reviews are considered less informative. Simply by allowing reviews on the website, you can make your business image more transparent and therefore trustworthy. Customers are also falling out of love with the traditional sales pitch. It’s much more effective to hear about the product and service from another consumer like them. It provides a more personal feel about the product and adds authenticity to the experience. It is much more convincing to hear about the positives of a certain beauty product from peopleShow MoreRelatedSocial Media, No Matter The Size864 Words   |  4 Pagesis without a doubt the new kind of business. However, small businesses are falling behind because even though they use these platforms personally, they wonder how these same tools used for entertainment, can be used to enhance the business. What they don’t realize is that social media gives them a whole new way of communication. Customers like to be heard; with bigger corporations this is just not possible because they simply â€Å"don’t have the time.† Imagine having the job of writing back to thousandsRead MoreArticle Review of David Aakers Secrets of Social Media Revealed in 19661037 Words   |  4 PagesBusinessweek article review Aaker, David. (2012). Secrets of social media revealed in 1966. Businessweek. Retrieved: According to the article Secrets of social media revealed in 1966 by David Aaker in Businessweek, many of the current principles embodied in Internet marketing were known amongst savvy persuaders even before the current technological age. A 1966 study by Ernest Dichter revealed that word-of-mouth persuasionRead More360 Degree Peer Review Evaluation1384 Words   |  5 Pages360 Degree Peer Review Evaluation Executive Summary A 360-degree feedback system is also known by a number of other names such as a multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multisource assessment. Using this model involves providing feedback from a number of sources and directions on the hierarchical organization chart such as including superiors, sub-ordinates, customers and peers. Therefore this model is able to collect a variety of different perceptions about an individuals performanceRead MoreImplementing An Exclusive Audit On Bank Solutions Operations And Process Protocols Essay1692 Words   |  7 Pagesand inevitably are great threat-posing factors to the institution. Responsively, new technology and security measure have to be implemented in order to fill the gaps and heighten security standards in order to enhance customer privacy, information protection, the institution’s credibility and generally adherence to the standard security policies and controls. The technologies to be implemented in the Information Technology department are namely the implementation of privilege access control, role-basedRead MorePersuasion Is The Process, And Motivation1322 Words   |  6 Pagesinvolves the force, stimulus, or influence to bring about change,† (McLean, 2012). Instead of looking at the speech as an avenue to have everyone in the audience agree to what you are saying, view the concept of measurable gain, which involves assessing how the audience responds to the persuasive message. Some members of the audience may be hostile to the some part of message; some may move form hostile to neutral while you may reinforce some existing beliefs in the members of the audience that agree withRead MoreDigital Marketing Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pagesin a stronger relationship between the vendor and the customer. There is a probability of turning the customer into my main representative. They can be used as a great advertising tool to endorse my br and through positive reviews and word-of-mouth strategies. As a matter of fact, since social media is part of our  everyday lives, whether it is being used to interact with friends and family. It can also be utilized to keep existing customers. In addition, using  social media and digital marketing  isRead MoreHow Customer Experience Affects Your Brand1011 Words   |  5 PagesCustomer experience is the focal point of brand strategy. Building stronger brands means companies understand their consumers’ priorities. In a 2016 Marketing Week survey, 83% of marketers said they â€Å"believe customer experience is now more central to their role than it was five years ago.† Translation: Customers want to enjoy more than just products and services. â€Å"In other words, if you want that next sale, if you want good word of mouth, and if you want to keep your customers, it s unlikelyRead MoreThe Physical Positioning Of Supermarket Products And How It Affects Consumer Behaviour Essay1320 Words   |  6 Pages The research that will be critiqued was named â€Å"The Physical Positioning of Supermarket Products and How it Affects Consumer Behaviour† and written by Joshua Scott, a former business student of International Pacific College (IPC). He created the work in order to fulfil the requirement of the Interdisciplinary Project, one of the compulsory papers in IPC. Additionally, he wrote it up because he was extremely interested in the specified research area, and desired to have a wider knowledge. The researchRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effect On Society2089 Words   |  9 Pagescustomer’s review of a product and personally thanking them for their input. By engaging with the customer, the brand is likely to build better experiences for the customer and will likely be perceived positively by the customer. This relationship can be a crucial asset for the brand. Coca Cola has always gone the extra mile for their customers by interacting with them. On their Twitter page @CocaCola the brand continuously builds better experiences for their customers by replying to customer complaintsRead MoreApplication of Raroc Model in Bank System Literature1165 Words   |  5 Pagesand risk match, reflecting the differential treatment of loans to customers of different risk levels,Certain extent to solve the single pricing conditions, adverse selection of loans to customers (adverse selection) problem, enabling Bank loan customers to optimize and rationalize the risk-Foreign RAROC theory is more focused on how Application of RAROC management of credit risk and economic capital in preparation. 2.literature review NealM. Stoughton and Josef Zechner insist the RAROC and EVA

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Outline and Evaluate Evolutionary Explanations of Food Preferences free essay sample

These make us sensitive to a range of taste qualities. For example, sweet foods are usually associated with carbohydrates that are a great source of energy. Sour food allows us to identify food that has gone off and would therefore contain harmful bacteria. Salt food is vital for the function of our cells. Bitter tastes are associated with plant chemicals that could be linked with poison, again a hazard for our health. Finally, umami allows us to identify meaty and savoury qualities in food that indicate a source of protein. In addition to this, humans are regarded to be full omnivores, since the split from the great ape line more than 6 million years ago. The introduction of protein to our diet allowed us to develop a larger brain. This is the basic success of the human race. Evaluation (A02/03) Through evolution, other distinctive eating behaviours have emerged that the evolutionary approach can explain. We will write a custom essay sample on Outline and Evaluate Evolutionary Explanations of Food Preferences or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For example, the use of spices (onion, garlic) in cooking, especially in hot countries where food tends to go off quickly. These spices contain chemicals that can kill the harmful bacteria and thus protect people from poisoning. Secondly, food neophobia is a behaviour related to the fear of new foods. In the past, our ancestors would avoid new food as they would be fearful of the dangerous effects it can have to their health. Frost (2006) offers support for this behaviour, as it is still evident today. However, our liking for new food can increase with familiarity, as shown by Birch and Marlin (1992). It took children a minimum of ten weeks to reverse neophobia into preference. Therefore, in avoiding new food we eliminate the risk of ecoming ill. As we become familiar with it and see that it has no harm to us, we may build a preference to it. Thirdly, taste aversion learning is evident in all animals, including humans. They learn to avoid food that makes them ill. This is a powerful mechanism that can help keep them alive. A research study by Garcia et al. , (1977) provides support for this. They made wo lves sick with poisoned lambs meat. This results in the wolves avoiding the live sheep they would usually attack. This suggests that by learning that it once made us ill, our preference towards it changes. In other words, we learn to avoid it in order to avoid damage to our health. Finally, the evolutionary approach can explain morning sickness. It is a form of nausea associated with the early months of pregnancy. It drives a mother to avoid some foods (coffee, tea, eggs, meat, alcohol) as shown by Buss (2008). With regards to the evolutionary approach, it argues that each of these foods could damage the developing baby. This may be due to the harmful bacteria found in eggs and meat or the high levels of caffeine found in coffee and tea. This is known as the Embryo Protection Hypothesis, put forward by Profet (1992). However, a criticism of this is that it is hard to test directly. Nevertheless, 75% of women in Buss’ study reported significant morning sickness and the prevention of particular foods. This demonstrates again, that by avoiding certain food we help keep not only ourselves, but even out babies alive. A problem with the evolutionary approach is that it is speculative. It is impossible to test food preferences using scientific experimentation. Instead, most of the explanations rely on observations of our modern eating behaviour. This is then compared with speculations about eating behaviour in the era of evolutionary adaptation. Therefore, the evolutionary explanation of food preferences may not be wrong but it lacks direct support. It can also be criticised for being reductionist. It only focuses on a limited range of evolutionary factors. They ignore the important role of psychological, social and cultural factors that influence our eating behaviour in today’s modern world. For example, the use of Government campaigns which help promote a healthy balanced diet to the wider public. Many might be persuaded to begin eating healthy and thus change their food preferences. However, they can provide quite convincing explanations. For instance, increased levels in obesity today can be explained with regards to the evolutionary approach. It suggests that our evolutionary ancient feeding mechanisms cannot cope with the change to high carbohydrate diet and over abundance of food. Therefore, there can be both positive and negative sides to the evolutionary approach in explaining food preferences.

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THE BUBONIC PLAGUE Essays (1473 words) - Plague, Bubonic Plague

THE BUBONIC PLAGUE Introduction Plague, was a term that was applied in the Middle Ages to all fatal epidemic diseases, but now it is only applied to an acute, infectious, contagious disease of rodents and humans, caused by a short, thin, gram-negative bacillus. In humans, plague occurs in three forms: bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, and septicemic plague. The best known form is the bubonic plague and it is named after buboes, or enlarged, inflamed lymph nodes, which are characteristics of the plague in the groin or neck or armpit. Bubonic plague can only be transmitted by the bite of any of numerous insects that are normally parasitic on rodents and that seek new hosts when the original host dies. If the plague is left untreated it is fatal in thirty to seventy five percent of all cases. Mortality in treated cases is only five to ten percent. History Of The Bubonic Plague The origin of the bubonic plague is unknown but it may have started in Africa or India. Colonies of infected rats were established in Northern India, many years ago. Some of these rodents had infected traders on the route between the Middle East and China. After 1330 the plague had invaded China. From China it was transferred westward by traders and Mongol armies in the 14th century. While these traders were travelling westward they followed a more northerly route through the grasslands of what is now Russia, thus establishing a vast infected rodent population there. In 1346 the disease reached Crimea and found its way to Europe in 1347. The outbreak in Europe was a devastating one, which resulted in more than 25 million deaths-about twenty five percent of the continent's whole population. After that the plague reappeared irregularly in many European cities until the early 18th century, when it suddenly stopped there. No explanation has ever been given for the plague's rapid disappearance. Symptoms and Causes The first symptoms of the bubonic plague are headache, vomiting, nausea, aching joints and a feeling of ill health. The lymph nodes of the groin or of the armpit or neck suddenly start to become swollen and painful. The pulse and respiration rate of a bubonic plague victim is increased, and the victim will become listless and exhausted. The buboes will swell until they are approximately the size of a chicken egg. If a case is nonfatal than the temperature will begin to fall in about five days, and approaches normal in about two weeks, but in fatal cases death will probably occur within four days. Yersinia Pestis, an infectious agent is the cause of the Bubonic Plague. Yersina Pestis is a bacteria, which means the cells lack the internal organization of eukaryotic cells. These bacteria cells would contain the membrane but they would not be able to subdivide the inside of the cell. These bacteria cells do not have a nucleus so instead they have a nucleiod that contains genetic material. The two types of bacteria cells are gram-negative and gram-positive. Yersina Pestis is gram negative and that means that antibiotics are less effective on the plague because of a lipopolysaccharide layer over their walls that adds extra protection. Lymphatic System The bubonic plague has a major impact on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, lymphoid organs and circulating lymphocytes. Plague victims tend to have large bumps on their bodies which are called buboes. These are actually swollen lymph nodes filled with puss. The spread of the infection causes the lymph nodes to become hard and painful. The lymph nodes are heavily concentrated in the neck, armpits, and groin. When a person becomes ill these areas will begin to swell because the body needs to make a vast amount of white blood cells to fight off whatever pathogen has entered the body. To make all parts of the body function properly the electron transport chain is needed. Yersina pestis releases a toxin into the body that obstructs this function from occurring. Prevention and Treatment Many preventive measures can be used to reduce the spread of the plague (sanitation, killing of rats, prevention in transport of rats). Individuals who contract the disease are isolated, fed fluids and put to bed. During World War II, scientists using sulfa drugs

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Stop the violence (SPAIN) Essay Example For Students

Stop the violence (SPAIN) Essay Basta. Enough. This word exemplifies the growing attitude toward the violence in the Spanish nation caused by the cultural differences between its Spanish and Basque inhabitants. The 2.1 million people of Euskadi, the Basque area of Spain, speak a different language than typical Spaniards, have a separate culture and society from that of Spain; and have a history of their own. Throughout the decades, these major cultural differences contained within the borders of Spain have continued to cause conflict between the Spanish people and the people of the Basque area. Many within la comunidad autonoma del pais vasco, the autonomous community of the Basque country, have long been seeking to free it from the confines of Spanish borders and have proceeded to do so in a terrorist fashion, although recently there have been attempts by the Basques nationalists to work towards more peaceful relations with the Spanish government. ETA is a Basque separatist organization in Spain that has taken up many violent practices in its efforts to gain independence for the Basque state. Standing for Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna, meaning Basque Homeland and Liberty, this group grew out of the Partido Nacionalista Vasco, also known as the Basque Nationalist Party or PNV. Since the PNV was outlawed by dictator Francisco Franco, ETA retained its headquarters secretly in Paris during his reign. For the past 31 years, it has been the origin of numerous terrorist attacks, bombings, protests, and murders. It is the key player in the violence that has plagued Spain and its Basque area. The Basque region of Spain jumped back into the world arena most recently beginning in late 1997. By this time, the regional government there had gained partial autonomy from Madrid. It had been permitted home rule by the Spanish Constitution and elected its own Parliament with taxing power and a 6,000 member regional police force. The elected Assembly and administration there controlled education, cultural affairs, soc ial services, and created jobs for its people. It was in December of this year that the 23 leaders of Herri Batasuna (HB), the political voice of ETA, were arrested and sentenced to seven-year jail terms for making a video extolling the terrorist acts of the ETA. This decision by three Spanish judges marked the first time a direct link was recognized between the terrorists and their political allies. Unrest was an expected result of this, marked by the fact that approximately 180,000 Basques supported HB, a party whose abbreviation stands for popular unity in Basque. At the time, they had won 12%of the votes in the last general election, down from 14% from the election before. The violence of the ETA remained backstage for a few months until February, when it continued its violence in the shooting of Alberto Jimenez Bercerril, the deputy mayor of Seville, and his wife, Asuncion Garcia. This was significant because it was the first time the terrorists had targeted non-Basque official s and also because it suggested that all governing politicians might become targets of ETA attack. The shooting incited much protest in Seville, as Jimenez was the fourth official of his status to be murdered in less than a year. Global attention focused back on HB and the ETA the following month, only this time putting them as the victims of political treachery. CESID, the Spanish secret service that became the successor to Francos military intelligence service, were caught illegally bugging the offices of Basque separatists. This greatly damaged the governments anti-terrorist movement, and proved their promise to reform the secret service to be merely a joke. CESID had set up a listening post above HB offices, and fled when their wires were discovered by a telephone engineer. This discovery infuriated the regional government, run by the Basque Nationalist Party, which backed Spains minority conservative government. It responded by demanding that the government in Madrid pull secre t police and other spies out of the Basque country and to give their job to the regional police force, the erzaintza. The most significant effects of this incident were the new targets of CESID members by the terrorist ETA activists, and further reform by Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar concerning the work of the secret police. The renouncement of violence by the former terrorist groups of Irish republicans and Ulster loyalists in fall of 1998 set the stage for what changes were about to occur in Spanish-Basque relations. Since this action placed the ETA as the last terrorist group still active in Western Europe, their announcement of an indefinite cease-fire on September 18, before the October elections in the Basque country, was taken a little more seriously than usual. Skepticism still ran deep, as former supposed cease-fires had only resulted in more bloodshed; however, if proven to be effective, this cease-fire could contribute greatly to the drive for peace set forth by the no n-violent Basque Nationalist Party, which happened to be the largest political party in the Basque region. The announcement of the cease-fire caused the Basque Nationalist Party to urge Prime Minister Aznar to make gestures of good faith in order to better relations between all involved groups. They began to push for the movement of over 500 convicted ETA terrorists from prisons around Spain to those in the Basque region and for even still more autonomy for the Basques. Aznar was not quick to comply because of the three previous broken cease-fires and the elections within the territory in which support for non-nationalist parties was increasing. An issue of the Economist stated, Basque terrorism has become increasingly unpopular, even among Basques. However true, this did not mean that the nationalist movement was losing support; it just was moving toward a more mainstream approach. The cease-fire had followed seven months of honored contracts between non-violent Basque nationalist parties and Herri Batasuna. Together, they were hoping to gain more support for their nationalist cause and gain control of the assembly without having to form a coalition with non-nationalist parties. This support did not come. The October 25th elections results showed that the Basque Nationalist Party fell short of their desired majority, which made it likely that they would have to form a pact with a Madrid-based national party that would keep the Basque region within the borders of Spain. Euskal Heritarrok, the successor party to Herri Batasuna that changed its name in fear that the previous Decembers arrests of its leaders would lead to it being declared illegal, placed third. Socialist leader Rosa Diez was quoted as saying that these results show that the people of the Basque region dont want adventures but a stable framework. What effect would these results have on the cease-fire? An ETA spokesman said in a British Broadcasting Corporation television interview the day before the elections that that the cease-fire was firm and serious. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Aznar continued to refuse to negotiate with the ETA. He further denounced the party after the aforementioned spokesman said that it would not apologize for its violent guerilla attacks, stating that this was an insult to the memory of the victims of terrorism. Six weeks after the cease-fire, Prime Minister Aznar finally authorized his government to talk to ETA contacts. However, he still refused to make direct peace talks until ETA permanently renounces violence and laid down its arms. Such talks would mark the first time since 1989 that ETA would confer with the government, and the first time ever for such talks with a conservative government. Since this time, the Spanish government has claimed to have made significant contacts with ETA middlemen. By the middle of December, the government had agreed to transfer twenty-one Basque separatist inmates to prisons closer to the Basque region, feelin g that this would be a tremendous step towards peace between Spanish nationalists and Basque separatists. Contrary to this belief, two different Basque nationalist parties deemed this act to be lacking. On December 21, ETA confirmed once again its cease-fire and requested direct talks with Madrid. While waiting for these talks, several Basque separatists took refuge in France, where they had been regarded as freedom fighters. This refuge was shattered when on March 9th of this year the French police arrested Javier Arizcuren-Ruiz, known also as Kantauri, the leader of ETAs military wing while he was in Paris, along with five other known ETA members. Kantauri stood accused of at least 18 murders and ordering the 1995 attempt on the life of Spanish King Juan Carlos. Other than this occurrence, it appears that Spains Basque region is finally heading toward peace. ETA said shortly after this incident that it would request U.N. observers to oversee the peace effort, although the Spanish government did not see such supervision necessary. Terrorism has subsided, free elections have been peaceful, and the population of the Basque region has shown preference to peaceful negotiations over violence. What is the cause of this seemingly successful movement toward peace? Some suggest that the growing strength of the European Union has much to do with this. The original push of the separatists was to secede from Spain, a concept somewhat validated by the fascist regime of Francisco Franco. However, today it seems absurd to try to break away from a country which is joining the rest of Europe in blurring its borders and looking toward more political and monetary unity across the continent. To add to its appeal, the EU has contributed extensively to areas within its domain that face economic hardships. Spain is one of the recipients of these contributions, and the Basque area alone has received $1.4 billion in aid in the past two years. While European unity grows, the want for peace follows. Simply put, the people of the Basque region of Spain are sick of the violence, tired of the bloodshed, and less and less supportive of terrorist actions. They are beginning to look toward a more democratic system that brings with it more political tolerance and less unrest. New advantages within the economic arena in the Basque area are also contributing to the peace movement. The Basques had at one point played a major role in the steel and banking industries in Spain. However, with rising terrorism, industry shifted to Madrid and other more politically sound areas. Now, government subsidies and the prospect of peace have once again attracted investors to the Basque region, like foreign investors such as Arbed, a Luxembourg steel corporation. Unemployment may remain high for the time being, but the blossoming annual economic growth rate of 5.5% is incredible and actually exceeds that of the Spanish nation as a whole. I feel that this new push towards harmony between Spain and its Basque area will succeed. It is very similar to the situation in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, where the violence was stopped and peace has been maintained. The Basque people are tired of the unrest and are looking toward new ways to achieve their goals of autonomy. I think that they are beginning to see that concessions Prime Minister Aznar is willing to make to their demands (slowly, but surely!), along with less Spanish nationalism and a new look toward globalism and a united Europe, is what they have been seeking for so long. .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd , .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .postImageUrl , .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd , .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:hover , .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:visited , .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:active { border:0!important; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:active , .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uda5064ee2dda4828f7b102267dfc4ddd:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Arrowsmith Essay We will write a custom essay on Stop the violence (SPAIN) specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The violent terrorist actions of ETA have taken the lives of nearly 800 people in guerilla attacks in the past three decades. Their actions and the reactions of the Spanish government to them have produced a course of events leading up to the current cease-fire that has proven only to be bloody and unsuccessful for both sides. The current peace movement has not only stopped the bloodshed, but has also helped the Basque area grow economically. All this adds up to a successful peace movement in the Basque region of Spain, stopping the violence of its past . R E F E R E N C E S :1.Basque bungle. The Economist. 25 April 1998, p. 55. 2.A breakthrough: Spain and the Basques. The Economist. 19 September 1998, p. 64. 3.ETA. Encyclopaedia Britannica. Internet. 8 April 1999. Available: 4.Goodman, Al. Spain: Basques seek U.N. observers. The New York Times. 19 March 1999, p. A6. 5.Goodman, Al. Spain: E.T.A. reaffirms cease-fire. The New York Times. 23 December 1998, p. A16. 6.Goodman, Al. Spain: an overture to Basque rebels. The New York Times. 19 December 1998, p. A6. 7.Goodman, Al. 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